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The Technological Process Of Glass Bottles Production

Time: 2018-01-10 16:10:22Copyfrom: Cheerglass


The mixture is made from various raw materials (Silica sand, limestone, sodium carbonate, cullet, etc.) which are quantified pro rata.


The mixing is burned by coal gas in the kiln, and melted into glass metal at a great heat (1500-1600℃)


a) Glass metal is adjusted from the high temperature to forming temperature by the feeding path.

b) Glass metal is made into a certain weight of glass drops by the feeding machine.

c) Glass drops go into the mold of I.S. machine, and then are blown into glass bottles by compressed air.


Forming products are carried in the annealing furnace to relieve stresses of glass bottles by retarded cooling.


Products go on with the total inspection by automatic checking machines and ocular examinations.


The bottles can be packed by pallet, cartons, or carton+pallet.


The made-up finished products are carried in warehouse with forklifts or manpower.

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